What a delightful situation..... TWO antique Singers

Wow - When Mr. Artistic Shoestring brought home the Craigslist Singer machine, he asked a neighbor for help bringing it in from the van. The neighbor, who is very, very nice, said sure and helped. Then he asked if we wanted ANOTHER one, just like this one. Heck yeah! sez I. (He just GAVE it away, happy to be rid of it!!)

Now I have 2 very beautiful, though very grimy antique Singers. The neighbor's wood cabinet is nicer, having 6 drawers, instead of the 4 on the other one. I looked up their serial numbers and both were made in 1919.

Isn't that a lovely appliqué?

I have been researching how to properly clean these and I'm pretty confident that I can get them looking pretty great.

Since I don't need 2 sewing machines, some lucky family member will be gifted one of these beauties..... Who? Well it just depends on who can spoil me the most! ;-)

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