My hanging gerranium

Just planted this guy and it will fill out nicely.

I think there is something special about flowers hanging right outside your window - they are up at sight level and easy to enjoy.

Tea bags for roses

I read where tea is good for roses. So I threw my used tea bags in a container in the freezer and waited for spring to plant my rosebush. I'm using them, still in the bag, as a top mulching. We'll see how it works and I'll report back later in the summer about this technique.

Curb-shopped area rug

Can you believe that someone just threw this out? It's perfectly good and I'm setting it out on the driveway to wash it with a hose and some shampoo. It's under a tree and the sun is setting, so I don't worry about the hot sun on it.

I'd say it's about a 5x8' rug. Love the deep red color!

I saved it from a landfill and I'll use it for a long time. That's living life on a shoestring! Love it!

Potting up some plants...

This is the best side of the house for planting because of the southern exposure. (The brick patio and the stone-walled garden were made from recycled material gotten from another Freecycle member.)

This is my first attempt at food growing. I have tomatoes and peppers here and a zucchini in the back yard. Planted some marigolds because I heard that they keep some insect pests away because of their aroma.

I've potted some sweet basil, boxwood basil, thyme, rosemary and cilantro. Oh, and a pot of a sweet potato vine. In the back is a coleus that I will either plant in the ground or in a bigger pot.

Cleaned and refilled the hummingbird feeder. And I'm getting my first rose on the Knockout Rose bush that I planted last week. The metal headboard that the greenery is climbing on and the birdbath were both from Freecyle.

Another Knockout Rose bush planted in the front yard. This is going to look so sweet in front of the picket fence section.

Got this nice potting table on the curb a couple weeks ago. The wagon wheel was a gift from sister KK and the folding door in the background was a curbside find.

Now I need some plants for my shady porch. I'll check in with Freecycle to see if any generous friends with give some to me....