Got a Craigslist freebie!

Can you believe that someone threw this away? It was listed as "Free" on Craigslist and I was the lucky one to get to it the fastest. The poster just gave the address and said it was out by the curb. I really didn't think it would be there because it took me 1/2 hour to get ready and drive there. Lucky!! I wrote and thanked the lady for it and she replied that she was glad someone could use it as she was getting rid of everything that was in her and her ex's household. LOL! Throw out the ex - but not the good stuff!!!

Christmas party at SIL

My SIL had her Christmas party and as always, it was beautiful. She had probably a hundred candles burning throughout her lovely home. Her stunning tree was simply decorated with a full gold bow on top.

Ham/pickle/cream cheese rollups

These are yummy and I made 2 batches for Holiday munchin'! (I got to feast on the "mistakes")

Bargain storage containers

I'm always on the watch for a bargain and Craigslist provides a lot of them. I got 3 of these 3 drawer storage containers for $15 total! At Wal-Mart, they go for $20 each. These are like new and I will put one in each closet to contain the small items in which we're always searching, but don't have a special place for. I get a little giddy when I create organization. (Isn't that just plain weird?)

Neverwas movie

A Yale graduate gets a job at the mental institution where his novelist father spent the last years of his life. Once there, he meets a schizophrenic man who proves a mysterious link to his father's material.

Good movie - this is a psychological drama, portraying our humanity and our reality vs. fantasy. On a dark side, but with an uplifting ending.

Choc dipped pretzel rods for Christmas treats

My homemade gift to family members this year will be chocolate dipped pretzel rods with an additional coating of other goodies. Some will have toasted coconut or mini Reeses pieces or chopped nuts.....all yummy and gourmet! I will post a pic of the packaging of these tasty treats later this week.

My warm, furry purry, Red

Breakfast room organizer

Took an old trunk and pulled off the somewhat silly wood embellishments. Positioned it by the kitchen/garage door to collect clutter and shoes. Works perfectly! When Shan comes home everyday, she puts her bag in there and Den has been instructed on how to use the trunk for his shoes ie; open the lid, insert shoes. LOL! You know men and their clutter.


Beautiful, luscious pomegranates. I have just recently tried these - and ooh baby, where have you been all my life?! Crunchy, sweet, tart and juicy. What more could you want from a fruit?

I love beadboard

We are planning on adding some tall beadboard to our hallway and I'm searching for inspiration. This is a pic of a Bed & Breakfast room found on the internet. I saved the pic because of the wonderful use of beadboard in this room. It is high enough to make the space clean and uncluttered and the top is decorated in a warm fashion. Nice to look at.

Decoupaged carousel horse

I admire this work of art from justlinda on GardenWeb. She decoupaged a discarded carousel horse with wallpaper flowers. Wouldn't this look wonderful on a back porch? Or in a nursery? Well, I guess it would look wonderful in just about any setting.

Free hamburger on your birthday

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Fireplace mantle with seasonal decor

Isn't this lovely? This pic came from Mary Ann, or annielinz at HGTV message boards. I think this works because of the simplicity in the use of the mercury ornaments and the frame surrounding the organic wreath. This looks homey to me. (click to enlarge)