Hall Bath Reveal

I found the neatest way to store extra toilet tissue and kleenex in this walmart item. I had been searching the net for a lovely storage cabinet and who wouldda thunk?

I treasure these vintage drapes with the black grosgrain ribbon and fringe. I also replaced the uninteresting door stop with this screw-in topper.

I love polka-dot ribbon and included some on top of the drapery. I painted the nautical star on the ceiling and am undecided on adding a quote around it, or Directional Letters (NSEW)

I originally tiled the shower with earth-colored broken tiles, but later decided on a crisp white. No problem - a coat of sealant and then 2 coats of glossy white paint did the trick!

This is where my wall mounted paper towel holder will go when I get one. See post below about that. For now, this will do. I also love the ceramic switch plate - you can feel the difference when you turn on and off the lights....it's a tactile thing and one of the little pleasures.

Bathroom reveal, Part Deux

Here are some more pictures of my hall bath that I have been working on for the last few months. We have a new cookie-cutter ranch house that yearned for (ok, it didn't, I did) some unique atmosphere. I love toile wallpaper in bathrooms. Especially a dark grey and white.

I put up millwork pieces above the window and doors to help beef up the moldings. Very inexpensive and easy to do.

I found a fabulous 8' long piece of chair rail curb side one night that was brand new! I turned it upside down and placed in atop the chair rail that we installed earlier. This beefed up the railing tremendously. And it also provides a small ledge for maybe a nice starfish, perhaps?

The builder's fake cherry wood finish was sooo boring. I added some embellishes and painted the whole thing with a half bottle of hobby paint - in gloss black. Why not?

I did this mirror frame all by my little self. Again, this was one of those big, honkin' plate glass mirrors without any interest, what-so-evva!

SimpleHuman Paper Towel Holder

For the hall bathroom, I have decided to not use cloth hand towels. The reason for this is to prevent germs. And I have this "ick" thing about drying my hands on a towel that is still wet from another's use. I believe I found the towel rack that will be suitable for the bathroom. (I bought a cheapo, plastic wall mount, but really hesitated to use - everything else in the room has been so carefully chosen to reflect a bygone era. Plastic-y things would fall short.)

This wall mount is from SimpleHuman at http://www.simplehuman.com/index1.html

The description says: To maximize space, the wall mount paper towel holder can be mounted to a cabinet or a wall in any position. The quick release knob detaches with a light squeeze of the buttons when changing the roll. A tension spring prevents unraveling and creates slight resistance to allow pulling off one paper towel at a time. The extra-strong mounting bracket provides superior durability.

Another pic of the hallway

Which is more like a big rectangle, with 5 doorways. Here is another side of the beadboard project that I just completed. I've been wondering lately how this hallway would look with dark doors. I've seen some others in older houses and they looked great. What do you think?

Revealing hallway beadboard

Putting the finishing touches on our hallway upgrade. We installed beadboard 3/4 up the wall and added molding on top, then painted. It really brightens up the hallway and adds much needed architectual detail. For this project, we used beadboard paneling - it looks just the same as the pricey stuff and we were able to bring it up to the 3/4 look. I really like the way this turned out and we have started putting up the beadboard on the kitchen cabinets. I'll be posting that project very soon.

Oh, and I'm finishing up the bathroom's new wood moldings, beadboard and toile wallpaper. I'll be revealing that tomorrow.

Violin from Craigslist

Decided to learn the violin as a hobby. In fact, the whole family will be learning. It's funny how we all sound so awful, here at first! But we've got instruction books and the internet to help us sound even worse!

Eat Right 4 a Good Life

I have started another blog just for healthy eating. The focus will be on the best food and drink we should consume in order for our bodies to maintain a healthy, disease-free life. This blog will be a compilation of information gleened from the internet and books that I'm reading. I need an anti-inflammatory diet - because inflammation leads to cancer and so food will be my greatest medicine to ward off any potential diseases. You are welcome to learn along with me: http://eatright4agoodlife.blogspot.com/

Brickettes on Craigslist

Yes, I know that the 70's look of fake brick can be dreadful, but if one is careful of the design it can looks rustic or "up-to-the-minute" loft-like. These are my favorite because I don't have to worry about the weight of the bricks. And they're also hard to find - usually when someone cleans out their basement or garage. Then they advertise on Craigslist and I swoop down to snap them up! 9+ boxes for only $25 - that's a good deal!

My plan is to use them on a wall when we enclose the patio to bring a cozy feel to the space. The trick is to not use them whole - break them up like they were tumbled and used brick. Then use lots of off-white paint smeared across them to create a "grouty" old-world, look. You'll be seeing me use these later this year. Stay tuned....
If you want to see how I've used them in the kitchen, click here:Bricked Pantry

Bathroom redo peek....

I have been working on the hall bath and wanted to show some of the details (with lots more coming later) Some toile wallpaper, some black painted cabinets with molding, and some gleaming white trim:

Yes, the ceiling is painted a light green. Painted the old light fixture from a copper color to matte black. Replaced the globes with the square kind. I'll show more tomorrow....stay tuned....

A skinny cabinet and bookcase found on Craigslist

I am working on merchandising this, as Christopher Lowell would say, and am shopping around the house for appropriate items that will coordinate. I had been looking for something like this piece that would fit into that corner. Hubby is working on rewiring an antique lamp that will replace this little one. Tune in......