Before and After pillow

Got this pillow off Craigslist for $5 because I wanted to personalize it for my daughter's new, pinky bedroom. I was attracted to the black ribbon and sequins adornment. This is the Before:

And this is the after. I tea-stained it, sewed on pink heart-shaped buttons and added embroidered, iron-on lettering and a jeweled crown.

Looks fab on her pinky chair and she loves to see her nickname on it.
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Down-filled chairs.......

What is it with me and my love for buying Craigslist chairs? Dunno, but it's a cheap enough hobby.

Lookie here what I got today - 2 fine chairs that a family was selling so they could move to Florida. The first one was for $30 and is down-filled. Great upholstery and carved wooden legs.

The other chair was $13 and is a soft pink with mahogany arms and legs. It fits in great with DD's new pink bedroom:

I did sell my deacon's bench to make room for the pink chair - but with that money, I got 2 great chairs.

Now where did I put them?......

A solution to one of my organizational problems comes in the form of cookie boxes. Yes, I had to eat the contents in order to use the containers. Such a sacrifice.

The boxes were cut down to size and DD decoupaged them with her wonderful scrapbook papers and stickers.

Velcro was applied to the backs:

And then the boxes were attached to (in this case) my computer.

Well, what have we here? There are my reading glasses!

Sometimes they will sit on the outside of the box:

And sometimes they will be tucked away inside. I have several pairs of reading glasses, but they were always lost - now I have a place for each of them and it didn't cost me a cent. Thats.........

A new life for an old wastecan...

I remembered that I had this old, yet cool waste can that had been passed over at the local thrift store, but I knew it had potential. Yes, that icky fake gold metal again. It came in two pieces.

But look what a beauty it turned out to be! Classic black and white and I think it looks like it could have come from one of those fancy-schmancy high-priced catalogs. At least, I tell it so, poor thing has got feelings, ya know?

I did take some pics of it gracing the bathroom....but posting a pic of my toilet seemed so......indelicate. ;-)