Adorable, couldn't resist, Thrift store side table

What do you call this? Victorian, maybe? Anyway, I was at the thrift store today searching for a large luggage piece on wheels. Didn't find that, but I did happen to pass by this little beauty for $45. I took off the tag and stood in line to pay for it. Meanwhile another guy walked up to the table and was closely examining it, running his finger over the superficial scratches and deciding whether to buy it or not.

He even picked it up to move it to another spot in order to get a better look. All the while I was paying for it and keeping an eye on him and the table, lest he walked away with it to another part of the store.

After I had the receipt in my hot, grubby little hands, I went over and picked up the table, right in front of him. I had to lean in front of him to get it. I didn't dare look back at his face, but was listening to anything that sounded like a dirty word aimed my way. Guess I could have said "sorry" or something like that to ease the sting, ya think?

Even with my bad back, I got it loaded into the van by myself and that guy was parked near and I saw him get into his truck at the same time. So he must have walked out right behind me when he realized he just missed a good buy. (LOL - all that yard sale shopping techniques really pay off - if you want it - better grab it!) Poor guy, he was out-smoozed by a pro. LOL!

I haven't gotten it cleaned up yet. Should I leave it as it is or paint it white?

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Anonymous said...

I would leave it as is - at least for as long as you can stand it without paint. :) J~