small decorative cabinet - Craigslist find

I love unusual furniture pieces and this fits the bill with its folksy Swedish paintings. Couldn't pass up for only $20.

A little toile magic

Here are my typical wingback chairs in the breakfast room. I'm slowly changing the decor to a french country look using fabric, antiques and ironwork.

I got 2 yards of red and light yellow toile material from JoAnns and cut up "scarfs" for the chairs. Just tuck in the material and voila'! Instant Fraincais! Amy, our darling furgirl is napping on the ottoman.

But something new has got her attention and she has to investigate.

Yes, those apothecary jars were just put there and knowing my kitties, I tied them to the mirror side with a ribbon. They love to play a game called: "Let's push this thing off and watch it hit the floor".

I had enough material left to wrap this pillow. This settee sets opposite the chairs.

I love instant decorating. Fabric really can make the mood in a room.

Bread Dipping Oil

This is too good not to try! I am honestly in love with this!'s at Walmart!

The lable says "focaccia with balsamic vinegar". You'll find it in the bakery section, by the freshed baked breads. I am going to use this as a pasta sauce next. Try it and let me know what you think. Be sure to shake it up real good to get all the herbs mixed.

Fancying up a straw hat

I have to keep the sun off my face and so bought the first hat I found at Walmart that could do the job. But a plain hat like this just doesn't reach my artistic soul.

But in 10 minutes, I hotglued on some fabric and I sewed on a gorgeous turquoise pendent that sister KK gave me. Now I will be stylin'!

A little birdie told me....

Saw something like this on Ebay and thought I'd do my own. Took it outside to photograph so the flash wouldn't wash out the colors.

Tractor Seat - another craigslist find

Sister Michelle's birthday is coming up and this is my gift to her: An authentic tractor seat for her dining room. She lives in the country and this item will look so cute!


A little 5x7 I did last night to give to my sister for a housewarming gift- Fun to do and it kept my mind occupied. She just bought a tiny, but cute cottage and I'm encouraging her to give it a sweet name. I can't wait to see it all fixed up. This poor cottage has never been loved and it shows, but sister KK will change all that!

7 Ways to Use Leftover Buns

Here's something neat from Real Simple site:

What to do with those extra hot dog and hamburger rolls? Make everything from a salami panini to pineapple upside-down cakes.