Butlers table - Craigslist

Another Craigslist find that I couldn't resist. I have admired Butlers Tables for a while and did need a small table in my breakfast room. This is a solid mahogany cutie that could fit in anywhere in the house, and that's a basic criteria with me because I love to change it up a bit.

From Vintage piece to Gift Wrapping Station

Old furniture pieces can still live a useful life as an important storage unit. Here's a nice silverware piece from the 50's that was handed down to me from my mom:

I love that fact that the 2 silverware drawers are just right for storing the round spools of ribbons, wire and string and rolls of tape. The left side holds bags, gift papers, bows, balloons, etc. I'm now organized and ready in a moments notice to wrap your gift!

Vintage Drapes in the Bathroom

I've updated the vintage drapes with grosgrain ribbon above the 4"fringe along the bottom and added polka-dot ribbon at the top. Easy and cheap and takes just minutes. I think this blends in nicely with the vintage garden decor in this room and a touch of black is always classic.

Foyer Light

We got our foyer light installed, using the new ceiling medallion that I painted in a rich black and gold. The crystal is cut in my favorite pineapple pattern.

More fringe love

Leftover fringe makes it so tempting to add it to other elements, such as this drapery box I made for the breakfast room. I love the subtle touch - it's all in the details, as "they" say. Now I will search for some medallions to add to the front of the boxes and some more trim for the top. It's so true - change one thing and it leads to a million other changes. But, that's the process of creating a homey environment for my family.

Fringe Love

My favorite fabric store, Discount Decorator's Outlet, is going out of business :-(
and everything in the store is at least 75% off! I had been waiting for this and scooped up 16 yards of trim today at only $3/yd.

Some of the trim was 3 yds for $1! But I went for the nicest, since this is the only time in my life when I will get a deal like this, I'm sure.

I glued on the trim, (I hate to sew) which includes tassels and below that, an additional pom pon. In no time flat, had a luxe look for my kind of price. The colors are not right on my monitor. The trim is in browns and golds and not really that shiny-looking.

Vappy Halentines Day!

My DD colored a very pretty card for me today. Isn't it the sweetest? DH coined the phrase Vappy Haletines Day, as he sometimes gets words mixed up in the funniest way!

Front Arbor and Pickets

Yes, I am one of those ladies who loves a picket fence. I planted a vining perennial last fall at both bases of this arbor and can hardly wait to see the result this summer, as the vine will creep over and around the arbor and pickets. Today is a mild and sunny winter day, so this is the perfect "before" pic. The bush in front of the left picket is a white Rose of Sharon.

Kitty and the medical cabinet

Little Miss Amy (aka "Thug Muffin") vogueing for the camera - as I'm trying to show you my new (to me) vintage medical cabinet I picked up today off Craigslist. Would ya look at that funny face!

Glove Mold for Jewelry

Found this porcelain glove mold for only $3 at an antique store today. Little Miss Amy checks out EVERY item that comes into her domain. Kitty approved, so it stays.

Another cabinet color, perhaps?

I saved this from an online mag and can't remember the source - but the reason it was saved was that the color of the wood was alluring to me. I am still contemplating colors in which to paint my kitchen cabinets. Just thought I'd share this wonderful pic with you. Click to enlarge to see the creative lighting for the bookcase. I adore built-ins, don't you?

I'm a "One World, One Heart" giveaway winner!

I won these lovely, handmade card sets from
Penny at Penny Duncan's Creations in the One World, One Heart giveaway blogging event.

She writes on her blog: "This is a 5 card set with matching envelopes I've created. My passion is by far with paper and card making!!! I so enjoy reaching different levels of card creations!!!"

Thank you, Penny! I will really enjoy using them and your blog is wonderful!

I am another "One World, One Heart" winner!!

Woohoo! Am I lucky or what?!

Anita, from Vie Chaotique had a giveaway for the One World, One Heart giveaway blogging event and I'm the very lucky winner of her handmade pendant.

On her blog she writes: "Let's talk about my winner. Using a very scientific method, which involved my yelling across the house to my darling hubby "pick a number between 1 and 273." To which he answered "What?" and "What For? After some further interrogation he chose a number.

"57". I am thrilled because after reading her blog I found her to be a Craigslist afficianado and a girl after my own heart. The lovely and talented Shirl of "Life on an Artistic Shoestring" will soon find herself the owner of an Eiffel Tower Pendant from little ole moi."

Thank you so much, Anita! If you haven't seen her wonderful jewelry pieces, you're missing out and I suggest you go visit her blog. Bonjour for now!

Craigslist Metal Medicine Cabinet

I had been admiring a metal medicine cabinet on another's blog and hoped to come across something like that, too. I guess some wishes do come true! I found this on - where else - Craigslist - for $22! This piece is so versatile. I do need a small cabinet to go near the dining table to hold accessories and it also can be a nightstand or it can go in the bathroom to hold extra towels. It can, and I'm sure it will, be used in every room of the house.

Craigslist writing table

There was something that kept me coming back to this writing desk on Craigslist. I absolutely adored it....but I really didn't need another desk......But how could I resist? The $40 was burning a hole in my wallet - so I did the only thing I could do, under the circumstances.

It will fit nicely behind the sofa and I have some small, vintage lamps to set on top. I will post a pic when I get this treasure home on Saturday! I can hardly wait to polish it up with some Murphy's Wood Soap!

Autumn Forest - artwork finished

The flash of the camera always washes out colors. The best light is outdoors, so I'll try to replace this pic with one taken in the sunshine tomorrow - if we get any.

Window Mistreatment

I used metal U-shaped tiebacks as brackets to hold the drapery rods. I then used simple brass rods so they wouldn't upstage the sparkle of the amber glass spheres. Above the drapes is a panel of upholstery fabric to enlarge the ensemble look.
This idea came from Nesting Place who calls her creations "window mistreatments". I think it brings a coziness to the window. Attached to the wall with brass upholstery tacks. The sheers look blue-ish in these pics, but in real life, they are a sage and coordinate well with the sage in the drapes and fabric panels.