My curb-shopped concrete fountain

Look what somebody threw out!
A 5' concrete tiered fountain, that's what! It has a broken spot on one of the pillars and some small cracks in the bottom bowl - but I think that concrete and silicone epoxy should take care of that.

I'm so thrilled! I've been wanting one of these for a long time, but could never be the first one to respond to any Craigslist ads.

And I really like the price of this - $ZERO. Fit's my budget to a "T"!

Look away if painted furniture makes you shudder.....

A nice 2nd hand, vintage side table.

This was needing either to be stripped, stained and re-varnished...

Or painted a toasted almond color, which is exactly what I had on hand.

I think paint helps to define carvings.

This has 6 beautifully turned legs.

Nothing but paint was required to bring out its beauty.
This spot was getting too dark anyway.  Ahhh, a fresh coat of paint does wonders.

A little fall decor is slowly creeping in....

Appears that I have a "candy corn" theme going on....

Before/After Antique Secretary

A couple months ago I bought a can of creamy white paint. First I painted a dresser. Then a stool. Then a table. And now it's an antique secretary that had seen better days. I had to use that orange goo remover to get rid of all the oil and grime (it's from Craigslist, so it's not *my* dirt and grime) ;-)

And voila'! I just LOvEs me some creamy paint! What a difference, yes?

My paint can is not empty yet....... and I spy another vintage table and chair.... stay tuned!