Old Singer for an old gal..........Update

I apologize for the blurry pics. These are from the Craigslist posting and I will take better ones later.......

I kept thinking about this sewing machine (for only $60) all night. It looks like my
grandmother's, who has turned 103. I used to play on the treadle by
climbing on and rocking. Good thing grams never caught me! Then, in
high school, I learned sewing in Home Ec on one of these old Singer
machines. My BFF, Deb, and I would have a race with ours to see who could get theirs to sew the fastest. We were both on the treadle. I laugh now to think how our feet looked, pumping that fast and us giggling the whole way!

I've convinced myself that I need this machine and I will
start sewing again if I had a treadle (I hate electric sewers - they
get away from me and get the thread all knotted up.)

So.....I emailed the person on Craigslist to see if this is still available for an antique of a gal, like myself. We exquisite antiques stick together like that. Huh, Lori E? LOL

Update: I'm getting it! Yippee! I can hardly wait to try it out. I'll let you know how it works very soon! From my limited research, it's called a Singer Model 66 Red Eye Treadle. Here are some pics from a website:

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TJ said...

Hope you get one soon. Takes me back to grandma's too.