Painted Child's dresser and Wig Head

Painted Dresser, Armoire, small cabinet

Painted Dog

When this vintage plaster of paris dog came to me, someone had spray painted it Fluorescent Orange! The only thing left to do was to repaint it. And of course, my style of painting is colorful and fun. And kitty Red has to check out the impostor in the ranks.

Americana Planter

Used a wooden wine box and some leftover pickets and trim and ta-da!

Kitchen Pantry Improvement

Before and After....For this kitchen pantry project, I used half bricks (that I broke into pieces) and mortar. The door mantle came from a packing crate found in my mom's barn. Trim pieces were attached to the door with construction glue. With the angles, it reminds me of the hearths in old kitchens.

Asian screen and uphostered ottomans

Found this Asian-type screen on Craigslist for $50 - put it up on the wall in the breakfast room for instant impact. I reupholstered the ottomans (with inside storage - always make a piece of furniture work for it's keep!) with some great fabric, added wheels and it's good to go. So good, in fact, that techy son scooped them up for HIS home. Guess that's a compliment, right? :-)

Missisippi River Boat Themed Bathroom

Got the riverboat prints from Ebay and DH and I put up the beadboard wainscotting. Painted the ceiling above the shower - a freehand sea compass thingy. The extra trim on top of the window is construction glued to the wall. I had the big box people cut the long piece to the correct size before leaving the store. I put up the trim around the mirror, but since I didn't have an air gun at that time, I had to use regular nail heads. Use what ya got, mama always said.

Rock necklaces for vases

I collect rocks with holes so that I can string them on brown twine for a pretty necklace for my vases.

Jars and Antlers

I also collect glass apothecary jars and am always on the lookout for interesting things to put in them. Waiting for the fall to collect some pine cones and leaves.

Gold tassels wrapped around deer antlers, which hold back drapery around a doorway is a touch of surprise, which keeps things from being too stiff and formal, don't ya think?

Designing the half wall - before #1and #2

Had a mural painted on it. Ok for about 5 years, then I grew tired of it. For that reason, I've decided not to paint murals directly on walls anymore. So I painted over it a nice, soothing green. Still not content with the look. Hmmm. What to do?

Designing the half wall - after

I've always admired the white on white molding in some homes and we finally put some up on the half wall above the stairwell. We used lattice strips from the big box store and it cost only about $35. I like the clean and klassy look.

DH brings home the hunt

Yeah, other hubbys may bring home the ferocious beast for the spit outside the family cave - anyone can do that - but my DH bagged a big 'un, sturdily tied it down to the top of his little zoom mobile, (lest it get away) and brought the trophy home. Yes, I'm so proud - it's a brand new, 96 gallon trash tote. On the bright side, I guess, it's more practical than, say, a dozen roses that doesn't last very long at all. And I'm such a practical gal that I'm tickled pink to have one more trash tote! We've gone green and we fill up more than one of these suckers a week! 2/3 of our trash, we've discovered, is recyclable. It's all packaging material. Now we look for the little chasing arrow triangle on everything we bring into the house. You'd be surprised at what can now be recycled nowadays. I'm glad we're recycling....but the best thing would really be if we all could reduce usage of the stuff in the first place.