Craigslist lyre table

This was only posted for 3 minutes on Craigslist before I called to claim it. I am so drawn to furniture that has this kind of interesting features, like the nice carvings. I haven't cleaned it up yet, and polish the brass feet, but when I do, I'll post again to show the antique lamp that will make its home atop this lovely little table.

Guest room baker's rack

Lori E asked me to post more of the guest room pics and I'm happy to oblige. This is the west wall and I put up the bakers rake to hold books, pictures and boxes. Nestled up to the rack, on the floor, is the lighthouse rock I painted.

Two of the picture frames contain my grandma as a little girl with her sister, and who is turning 103! And my dad, who passed from Alzheimers in 2002

Before and After - guest room bed header

Nothing coordinated and the guest room was becoming a catch-all of unrelated things. But I had on hand the ingredients to pull it together. I had fabric and I had a window thingy (what's the name of it?) Anyway - here it is. I attached a little decorative moulding to the front of the thing and added those other things on top. (Today is not a good day for correct nouns- ever had one of those days?)

Before and After - guest room shelf unit

Shopped around the house for the base to use as a blanket storage unit for the guest room. Then added the wood shelf that used to be in the laundry room, holding detergents.

Had some leftover toile wallpaper from the hall bath redo (will reveal soon in another post) that I added to the back of the shelf.

Added some decorative moulding to the front and some glossy black paint. Now I have a place to display my favorite sea related items at only the cost of the moulding ($15)

And I can finally use the cute boat wheel lamp by attaching it to the side of the shelf - it will be nice to read by. Toile fabric hides the cord prettily.

Latest painting....

The colors are a little washed out from the flash, but this is my latest landscape - I like to do trees. This is 3'x3' - I also like to do large.

Springtime sprucing under the South window

What to do with a big ole ugly concrete fish? The gaudy colors are kinda scary - the poor thing came like this from Freecycle. I tried to give it away...but it came back.

But a little dark hobby paint and now it swims happily amongst the holly in my little flower garden.

I added a nice, heavy bird bath (also free from Freecycle) and a hummer feeder. The cats are gonna LOVE their view now!

This is only May, so when the flowers come up (Pink Fountain Guara) I'll take another snap for you. All of the building stones came from Freecycle and some of the plants, too! I put this garden bed together all by myself. (So don't look too closely - it's a little crooked) The shepherd's hook and the metal headboard were both found on the curb. The red bricks were also from Freecycle. Can you tell I'm a bargain hunter?

This is my DD - also enjoying the new view. Hope we attract a whole herd (!) of hummers!