Painted ceiling medallions

Finished painting my Craigslist ceiling mediallions (see them unpainted on a post below) and now hubby can install these with my other Craigslist's chandeliers.

I painted 4 of ones in the top pic.

And the larger one will go over the dining room table over the hunter's horn chandy. Click to see details.

Stay tuned for the reveal!

I NEED to live here, right on the pier, thankyouverymuch

A cozy vacation home on Martha's Vineyard. Yeah, it's mine.... NOT! But go ahead. Click on this to get a full picture of a wonderful vista! If you love this pic, Go over to Julia's
Hooked On Houses
blog to see all the pics she's posted from the movie: "Sabrina" and to enter her giveaway. I'm certainly hooked on THIS house!

Diantha Console

Is this not lovely? This is called a Diantha Console and it is sold at SeventhAvenue. On the website, it says: One of the enduring concepts of art is negative space — how what's not there makes you see what is.

That's the secret behind the beauty of this carved console. A graceful inverted arch supports the tabletop, both pieces embellished with a hand-carved floral motif.

This is definitely going on my wishlist! Since it's a little pricey for my decorating budget (Ha! Like I have one) - I'm going to try to make one similar to this. I do have some spare table parts.....hmmmm. (stay tuned - this could be a disaster in the making.)

Another Craigslist bargain - ceiling medallions

You know me and bargains - with the help of Craigslist I found 5 ceiling medallions! New, in the box, just ready for my paint touches. The bargain? Just $30 for all (They usually go for about $35 for just one!)

And look at the nice detail on the big one, which is about 20" across.

I'll start painting them up right away and will show you the pic of them installed within the next few days.

Got new (to me) barstools

Changed out the modern barstools we've had for 6 years. They were ok, but not fitting in with the traditional atmosphere that I'm leaning toward.

These are what I replaced them with - study wood ones with backs. I had to get them from 2 different sellers on Craigslist because I needed 5 and most sellers only had 2 or 3. I really love these and they're very comfortable and easy to slide in and out of because of the smooth wooden seat. I like that they are in 2 different designs - it's not so "matchy-matchy" that way. I love Craigslist!

Of interest - window cornices

I made a cornice for my breakfast room sliders and now I'm ready to add some trim to jazz it up somewhat. So, off to the net for inspiration.

I really like this room. The cornice coordinates with the fruit theme and I am always fond of checks and plaids. The subtle wall design (is that paint or wallpaper?) is soothing and just right.
What doesn't make sense is that red runner. And perhaps the fruit centerpiece is too much. I'd think the centerpiece needs more "weight", like some stone or iron work. But, that's just my opinion.

This cornice has a pretty, cottage feel and I like it alot, but I would like to see some drapes with it, as it feels a little bare as is.

Crazy about the pooch! This makes me smile. You like?

Photos from Flickr

My hunter's horn chandy from Craigslist

I've always admired the hunter's horn chandeliers. But the cost of the antique ones would never be in my humble budget. The first one goes for $2k and the other is $3k.

My heart jumped when I saw this on Craigslist tonight! For only $20, this brass chandy, with the unique trumpet candlestick lights, has my name written all over it and I will claim my treasure on Monday night - I can hardly wait to get it installed above my dining room table. The ugly ceiling fan is coming down! (Amidst my hubby's protests-why DO men have to have all that air blowing on them at the dinner table?) I will start the hunt for the "perfect" chandy shades for this beauty. Am I lucky, or what?!

These are my winnings

Thanks to Linda from Lime in the Coconut for the very nice gift of aromatheraputic cleaners! My kitchen is smelling all pepperminty!

Slay the Home Energy Vampires

Ok, so I needed a graphic for my title......this is the best dracula I could get on short notice. mmmmmmmm chocolaty vampiry marshmallow bits......

Ok, so back to the real topic at hand. Did you know that even though you have electronics turned off - they are still using up electricity? And you are PAYING for all this unused electricity? I went to our local Ameren UE site to find out what rate we're paying and came across this interesting video which shows you how to save $50-100 each year by unplugging your electronics when not in use. And we're all about saving moola!

Another cabinet that caught my interest

Now this is an interesting way to paint cabinets. I have white cabinets, and I really don't like them at all. Just cheapy builder's fare. I'm thinking of painting them green, like the color of these. Then put a glaze of chocolate brown into the creases, like these. I'll be starting soon and I'll post some pics for you. It's winter.....and I gotta PAINT something!!

Yes, bad foods....But in Good portions are OK

From the WebMD site:

Bad Foods – Good Portions

Just about any “bad” food can be part of your weight loss plan if you stick to small enough portions. In fact, dietitians advise against banning your favorite treats. Depriving yourself of the foods you crave could set you up for failure. A better strategy is to set limits on quantity -- for example, one chocolate truffle a day -- and stick to them. For more hints, check out WebMd's slide show

painted celery green cabinet

Doesn't this cabinet look adorable painted? The room just wouldn't have the right punch if the cabinet had been stained the same ol', same ol' dark brown. The brightness of this room is captivating!

Hall Bath redo

The hall bath. It's after Christmas and it's time to redecorate for a cleaner, fresher feel. I took out the riverboat theme and I'm trying NOT to do a "theme", but simply to reflect nature. Here's my start. What do you think?

Some inspiration pics

I collect inspiration photos from the web, but unfortunately, didn't save where they came, so I can't give credit at this time. But enjoy what makes me happy:

I love the color of the cabinets here. The dark pulls look great and this overall looks comfy and cozy and has the feel of hearty soup cooking on that magnificent stove. And who doesn't want a chandelier in their kitchen. If my kitchen was this big, I bet I would have one too, instead of a stupid ol ceiling fan!

This pic I saved because I like the glass doors above the window.

More glass front cabinets. And a nice farmhouse sink.

Isn't this neat? 2 chairs made into a bench. I don't like ruffles, but I love pleats, like this. And did you notice that the mirror frame repeats the pleats? The copper backs are cute! Not so much loving the lime green color.

And look at this great way to add some a creative touch? Nice because the artist kept the design simple. The bowl on top coordinates nicely.

Balance is my word for 2009

"A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow."

Tip Junky has challenged us to choose a specific word for 2009 that will be our personalized and inspirational motto. Mine will be Balance. In all things. My health, my eating choices, my exercises, my work, my social life and in the busy and quiet times. But through all of this - my family will always come first.

Photo credit: Dave Gorman, Flickr

Hungry Girl? - why, yes I am

Found this terrific site about food and eating - it even has the WW points! And this site has mucho info about fast-food and the points that go with it. See for yourself how interesting Hungry Girl is for yourself! Enjoy.

You Kill Me movie critique

Frank Falenczyk (Ben Kingsley) loves his job. He just happens to be the hit-man for his Polish mob family in Buffalo, N.Y. But, Frank's got a drinking problem and he messes up a critical assignment that puts the family business in peril.

I liked the dark humor. It's a good movie and Ben is great!

I won the give-away at Lime in the Coconut! :-)

Check out Lime in the Coconut for a neat give-away on some yummy scented stuff! She also has such an amazing eye-candy blog.
UPDATE: I WON!!!!!! I'm giggling like a school girl! I adore presents and this is so wonderful and generous of Linda at Lime in the Coconut. Have you checked out her blog yet? You really should - it's full of pics of exotic homes and resorts. Take a mini vacation in your own room. And thank you so much Linda for the gift - I know I will enjoy using it!!