Martha?...... no, I'm not.

Okay, so I tried my hand at making a cake from scratch. It smelled good while baking. But then the fun began. I used a bundt pan and the cake stuck to it. (I greased, but forgot to flour it.) I managed to get it out in pieces and kinda glued it together with icing. I had to use ALOT of icing. Did I mention this was a birthday cake for my DD? She's taking the ugly cake in good humor - we're calling it the "Exploding Volcano" cake.


Laura said...

I am not laughing AT you- I am laughing with you!

I have been there and done that!


Lori E said...

Oh my. That didn't go as planned did it? My usual result.

Life on an artistic shoestring said...

LOL, you two are so funny.