Brrrrr... in Missouri

A beautiful Christmas Day shot in Kansas City, MO. Taken by Shane at
Wunderphotos:Weather Underground

This site is a wonderland of great photos! A shout out to Sister Jane, who winters down at the Texas/Mexico border --- look at what you're missing! LOL

Just one of my "very cool" Christmas presents....

I am loving my new cooler! This was passed to me from my mom, who had a little store on her farm that sold beer, soda and snacks, plus thrift items. This was the cooler that contained soda and candy bars. When the shop closed this year, mom started to remove all the items and asked if we girls wanted any of the coolers. "Heck yeah!" said I. This is a 6'2" Frigidaire Commercial cooler with stainless steel and on wheels. Thank you, mom!!! (That white square on the wall is where we had to remove an upper cabinet to make it fit into this recessed area by the food pantry.)

Hope you're keeping warm....

I had to laugh when I came across this pic. Is that a sleeve over her head??

Quiet reflection

Christmas in our home this year will be one of quiet reflection. We have lost family members this year and have shouldered our share of illnesses. There will be no brightly colored lights, no cheerful decorations or Christmas music here. Maybe next year. Until then, we will quietly gain strength and try to allow joy back into our lives. But I hope YOU, dear reader, have a very merry Christmas. Peace be with you.

Just moving things around a bit....

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted! Guess life got too busy in the last few months, but I'll try to get back on track to let you know what I'm up to. This is the hallway bath that I wallpapered earlier this year. (I know - gasp! - wallpaper!) I finally got around to adding a few decorative items to the blank space above the toilet. I didn't need a cabinet, since this room has plenty of storage space, with the pantry. (Don't hate me...)

The adorable boy and dog statuette was a gift from sister kk. I've had this wood shelf made from scrap trim for a long time. Included are vintage books, a cork buoy and a stone with "peace" engraved on it.

I've been moving a few things around and wanted to show you the hallway. With the white beadboard up, I placed the secretary in front and added a nightlight lamp and some vintage metal boxes.

Sorry for the bad lighting in this pic. This is where I keep my greeting cards and medical records. It's my own little space.

Not a big change, but making the ole home more comfortable for our casual living style.