Always classic toile

The wallpaper has come in and I'm pleased with it. I chose a black and white toile for the hall bath because I really like toile and I really like a neutral toned bathroom. I know wallpaper is not in vogue at the moment, but I think with this small room and with only 3 upper walls to cover, it will work just fine. This paper will be on the upper wall, as I have white beadboard along the bottom 3 feet. Will post in a few days the results.... stay tuned.

Roses and Eggs Centerpiece

Our lovely Easter centerpiece. The beautiful roses came from MamaLu and PapaLu. Thank you!! And the colored Easter eggs were a creation by DD, Shannon. She also made the Easter basket and the vase and roses fit like a glove into it!

We had a very nice Easter dinner of Pork Tenderloin, broccoli/cheese/rice casserole, Italian meatballs and roasted California blend vegetables. With sugar-free angel food cake and strawberries.

DD is wearing her colorful Easter bracelets and a pin I made about 35 years ago. (!)

A tisket, a tasket.....

Look what the Easter Bunny brought me today - a truck load of antique bricks! These babies are about 12 lbs. each and are 4x4x8". And I'm told that there are about 2 more truckloads coming later! Bricks are right up there with chocolate in my book and I thank Bunny PapaLu for this wonderful gift to us.

Tropic dreaming

An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world.
George Santayana

Secretary in place

Got the secretary in place now and I love it. The reason I wanted this piece is because I'm making our decor classic and comfortable. You can't go wrong with heirloom pieces that can be switched around your home as your needs change. I like the antique pieces because they have the look and feel of an established, cozy home - the kind that conveys serenity (now!) and peacefulness. This vignette, I know, will change over time as interesting decor items come my way, but for now it represents "me", especially my love for elephants. Shown is a mother-of-pearl inlaid, wooden box to hold a stash of envelopes and the antique light that hubby will rewire for me. Clicking on the pic brings it up full-size, but please ignore the spots that are needing a paint daub. I'll get to that later tonight.