Mantle fall decor

Okay, so I don't have a real fireplace (my hubby, the fireman, has gone to too many house fires that started with fireplaces, and so we don't have one), but I do have an old, wooden mantle that I can dress up for fall. I found a small bookshelf that fits in the opening and I decoupaged it in old sheet music and stain.

A piece of old sheet music is also in the vintage picture frame. ( It's tea-stained, but I don't think it shows up that way in the flash of the camera.)

The candles are handmade and still have the long wicks. These were a gift from my sister-n-law. The candles are in old bronze candle sticks that are dolphins blowing a water stream. (love dophins!)

The violin was recently bought off Craiglist and though I had planned to learn how to play..... I just haven't found the time, so until then, it will be a decor item. I like the look of the polished wood, don't you?

The old mirror is nice above the mantle, but I'm not one for mirrors by themselves. They seem kind of cold that way. But an old wreath helps with that.

The lamps are vintage and a gift from my mom. I added the updated shades and glued on some yummy trim that matched the trim on the drapes.

A garland of silk fall leaves rounds out my fall decor for this year. I do plan on making a Thanksgiving garland for my dinner company - coming soon!

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