A before and after Hutch

I'm participating in the Met Monday, hosted by Between Naps On The Porch . Go visit Susan's blog to see links to many more creative blogs!

Here is a $45 Craigslist hutch that I knew would give me much needed storage space. However, that 70's wood look had to go! But it's got good lines and is solid wood - that's why I love vintage furniture.

And now.....look at my freshly-painted hutch! You can see the good lines now. And it feels so clean and ready for my kitchen goods.

I also put up a neighboring baker's rack to hold baskets and boxes - what I have now is a "junk drawer" and THAT will soon be eliminated. The baskets will hold useful items, like scissors, rulers, note paper, clothes pins, etc.

It seems everyone in blog town has been putting numbers on baskets, boxes, trunks, stairs, etc. and I want to jump onboard. Here are my humble baskets with their imperfect lettering....but I'm calling the imperfection "charming". (Ha! with that definition, I have a lot of "charming" things around the house!)

A wire fruit bowl does the trick for a cheap and easy Halloween display.

For a little flourish, I added some wood embellishment.

Oops, I should have warned ya to look away! This is hideous and makes me a little queasy.

Ahhhhh, this is more like it. The hardware was painted a gun metal gray that I mixed up with a little black and white hobby paint.

Ta-Da!! I love it. And my pocket book loves it, too!

(Note: I lost 4 comments when I had to re-do this post because I reformatted my blog. Sorry about that....)


Mimi said...

I like it, I like it!

Sheri said...

Oh that is just wonderful!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a great redo - thanks for sharing. Like what you did with the hardware.

Cindy Harvey said...

Love! I'm getting ready to paint a craigslist buffet myself, and now I can't wait after seeing how lovely yours turned out :o)
peace, cindy
(would love to have you pop over to my place for my first ever giveaway!)

Jen said...

The hutch is TDF! Love it in white!

nannykim at spindle cottage said...

What a good deal!!! And a wonderful transformation. (I made a bad deal this week on Craig's list....well, it was ok but I purchased a very large mirror for 40 bucks and then had to spend 39 bucks to repair the back!!! YIKERS--it is still worth way more than this...but man, you got the hutch for 40!!! YIKERS

Joyce @ Cheap Frills said...

Hi and thanks for directing me here! Is this the hutch you were talking about?? I really do want to paint mine. This came out beautiful and I love the canisters - great job!