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From Jane at

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- I'm copying her post to spread the word about these fabulous clothing protectors. These are simply GREAT and think of the many times we have stained our clothes because we weren't amply protected.

From Jane:
Look at these cool "clothing protectors". My niece Connie is creating them so we never have to worry about stains on our clothing anymore. If you are like Bob and I, there are times when we don't want to change out of our clothes and need just a lightweight protector. Here's Bob enjoying his chips worry free. The collar uses Velcro to close. No more "Shout" every time we eat.

If you would like to purchase:
Adults: $8.00 for 1, $7:00 for 2 or more.
Children: $5.00 for 1, $4.00 for 2 or more. You will be responsible for the mailing charges to your area.

If you would be interested, please email Connie at: She can answer any question you may have. Tell her TJ sent ya...

I have ordered several for my family. I am planning on ordering extras for company when having those BBQ outings and maybe as Christmas presents. What a great conversation piece.
If you know of others that would be interested, please send this post to them. Connie is using the funds to help with her children's music lessons. Her children are young and that's the best time for them to soak up all the knowledge they can. They are using their talents for the Lord and we are praying for a blessing in this area. Thank you.

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