T2T photo center doors

This is my cheap photo station. I curb-shopped the louvered doors and painted some flowers on it. Then I added some decorative wood flourishes and hung up some picture frames and a vintage mirror.

Everything is hung with bent paper clips that fit into the louver slats easily.

This stands in the corner of my guest room, or as I call it: The memory room, since here is where I display my family's pictures and treasured memorabilia.

As I acquire more treasures from my young family members, I can proudly display them here. No more wondering about "where am I going to put this" as I already have a place of honor waiting for all my future treasures.

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Peggy-Just A Plain Gal said...

I love your memory center! What a terrific idea! You did a great job on the doors! I don't do much T2T, but I like to do craft stuff, and have some T2T projects that I need to get to. Stop by my blog and check out my craft stuff. I'm Mssippi on the HGTV boards.