Movie Critique - The Holidays

I love looking at homes. This one is from the movie The Holiday, with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. This is set in England. I love the 2 fireplaces and the interior is warm and cozy. Would be great for a vacation home! I'm dreaming, of course..... And by our modern standards, we'd have that roof replaced in no time. And then, we'd ruin it all by modernizing the whole thing. It's probably good that I don't have the moola for this, huh?


Ms. Tee said...

I fell in love with that little house as well. And 2 fireplaces would be awesome. :)

Shanda said...

I love that house and fire places as well. I have two fireplaces down and two simulated ones upstairs. Know you know i'm not kidding.
Thanks for stopping in and saying hello. I grew up in SeMo and lived there for 33 years. Where 'bouts are you from, if ya don't mind my asking. I'm so curiouis. Junie Bug, who is listed on my blog is from SEMO also.
See Ya,