My Craigslist Settee

Had to show you my "new to me" settee by Broyhill. Got it for $40 off Craigslist. Score! I plan on making a linen slipcover for it so that I can wash it and keep it looking fresh. Pillow is down-filled and only $5 new from a flea market. I did the painting above years ago, but it fits this vignette nicely, I think.

You know how one thing leads to another? By putting this in the breakfast room, I can see that the walls could be painted the same sage green that I have in the kitchen, which really is one big room anyhow.

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Sandi Behne said...

I too just love the thrill of a great find. You certinly found some great stuff. Thanks for stopping by and I enjoyed all your readings. I'll be back soon...keep up the good work.
friends, Sandi