Mixing a little old, a little new... a bedroom for a girl

My daughter took over the guest bedroom and since this room was graced with my mother's dark, antique furniture, a little updating for a young-at-heart girl was my enjoyable project.

The drapes were to stay, but bright and colorful fabric was paired. Green and pink are the colors with lots of flowers. This fabric was picked up in the thrift store (it's actually 2 heavy tablecloths) and is used as a headboard slipcover:

This metal angel was also a find, and daughter has named it "Gloria".

Ribbons tied to a mercury glass type ornaments:

A close-up:

This darling pillow came from Craigslist for $5. I liked the classic black and white theme:

But I added some adorable pink buttons and the middle will be monogrammed with her initial "S". I'll post a pic as soon as it's finished.

Oh, and since this blog is essentially about designing on a shoestring budget; I gotta tell you that the sheet set was only $6 at Goodwill. Talk about luck! How cute is this?

Below, I added vintage plates above the Eastlake dresser. I like these plates because of the rose artwork on them.

Below is a shelf with more of the thrift store fabric to add some eye-catching color:

With DD's name on top:

Some nice silk roses in vases painted by DD. We added some ribbon for a fun, young look:

Also hot-glued some trim with tassels:

I found I like adding ribbon to flower arrangements:

The chandy I did some time ago fits this room perfectly:

Some artwork I have done. I added more pink so that it fits into this room:

More fun artwork:

A happy room for a very happy girl!

Sweet dreams, Shannon! This was a super fun project to do,

And of course, it was................


::cottage instincts:: said...

This is just wonderful...you must have awesome thrift stores! I think it's just fabulous that you could use the antiques, yet bring in lots of fun punches of color. Your dd is a lucky girl!

Cherdecor said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS! This room is gorgeous! I love all the color and artwork. I would probably have to sit up all night looking at it! Hahahaha! I know that Shannon loves it.

Treasia Stepp said...

It's a very gorgeous room for a young girl. Great artwork, colors and love the flowers as well.

Mimi said...

What a simply beautiful room for your daughter!

Scribbler said...

I loved this! I have gone absolutely bananas over hot pink this year, and cannot get enough. Very cute ideas.



mary'smom said...


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