Just gotta tweak some more......

Couldn't move on to other projects until this vignette got tweaked a bit more. I changed out the pics to make this about my dad, who passed over in 2002. Very handsome, loving and funny.

Into the apothecary jar holding sea shells from South Padre Island, (where we vacationed with sister Jane, who winters near there) I slipped a vintage pic of dad holding me as a baby.

I love that my home reflects what is meaningful to me. And isn't that the ideal we nesters shoots for?

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Cherdecor said...

I really like your vignette. It is beginning to make me realize that I need to get out those old pictures from under my bed and begin displaying them. My only draw back is that I am afraid that the sunlight will cause them to fade. I do love seeing photos of my parents who have passed on. I know that these pictures have much meaning to you. They look great!