Guest room baker's rack

Lori E asked me to post more of the guest room pics and I'm happy to oblige. This is the west wall and I put up the bakers rake to hold books, pictures and boxes. Nestled up to the rack, on the floor, is the lighthouse rock I painted.

Two of the picture frames contain my grandma as a little girl with her sister, and who is turning 103! And my dad, who passed from Alzheimers in 2002


Lori E said...

Thank you, gosh if only my sons listened to me so well.
I love bakers racks and have never had one.
Here is an idea I hope to use in my guest room for my guest's comfort. They showed it for a wedding favor for out of town guests but I thought I would use it at home.I would put in some Tums, Advil, toothbrush, etc. things that they may have forgotten. Munchies and drinks too maybe.

TJ said...

I love your idea's.