Before and After - guest room shelf unit

Shopped around the house for the base to use as a blanket storage unit for the guest room. Then added the wood shelf that used to be in the laundry room, holding detergents.

Had some leftover toile wallpaper from the hall bath redo (will reveal soon in another post) that I added to the back of the shelf.

Added some decorative moulding to the front and some glossy black paint. Now I have a place to display my favorite sea related items at only the cost of the moulding ($15)

And I can finally use the cute boat wheel lamp by attaching it to the side of the shelf - it will be nice to read by. Toile fabric hides the cord prettily.


TJ said...

So pretty and soothing. You just amaze me how you can see the finished project before you get started. You are quite the artist!

Lori E said...

More please, I would like to see more.