Always classic toile

The wallpaper has come in and I'm pleased with it. I chose a black and white toile for the hall bath because I really like toile and I really like a neutral toned bathroom. I know wallpaper is not in vogue at the moment, but I think with this small room and with only 3 upper walls to cover, it will work just fine. This paper will be on the upper wall, as I have white beadboard along the bottom 3 feet. Will post in a few days the results.... stay tuned.


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Shirl! Thank you so much for stopping by, we really appreciate it. We looked around your space and had a lot of fun doing it, we'll be back! Thanks once again!
Clara & Marcela

Maya said...

I think that wall papers are actually kind of back and very much in vogue..., if it even matters, right(?).

Lori E said...

I agree with Maya. They are back in vogue so you can hold you head high in public.
Glad to see you in my group of friends. I hope you come by often.
I have lots of those orange lilies in my garden but they are taking over and I have to pull them out. They sure are a tough plant but as I always say "you have to be tough to live in my garden".