My $50 leather club chair from craigslist

Wheee! I love a good bargain! I spotted this on craigslist and jumped at it. Yes, it comes to me already distressed. I think there are leather kits for for putting the color back on where it's been rubbed off.

I have been looking for a leather club chair for quite a while and I had to drive an hour to get this one. Check out that great wood trim and nail heads. I haven't got to clean this yet. I can see some old, white wood polish in the grooves.

It's huge! I can even sit sideways with my legs dangling off the arm. This is going to be so comfortable to curl up with a book during the winter nights.....

And the color is just right. (well, if you overlook those rubbed spots!) But I don't mind this distressed look at all. This chair is sooooo heavy! 2 people can barely lift it. (If one of those 2 people happen to be me.)

Tell me what you think..... should I get a kit and color the rubbed off spots? Should I leave it alone? Does it look too shabby?


pedalpower said...

That's a great looking chair! What a steal at 50 dollars! I like the distressed know Ralph Lauren would charge you extra big bucks for all the fine distressing! :)

Janice Voss-Crosby said...

I love this chair. Any idea what brand/style this is? I would love to find one just like this. Any chance you want to sell it?