Pumpkin pie decor

I just baked the first of my fall pies tonight. 2 pumpkin pies with double the spices, since I like a strong-flavored pie. This pic was found on the net, but I liked the creative topping! Cute? You betcha, and one idea I will keep - I have several little grandchildren that would be thrilled to have their hand on a pie! MMmmm, the house smells wonderful!

Update To add: What I would do is trace around the hand on paper, and then cut it out. Lay the cut-out paper hand on the dough. Then cut around the shape and put it on the pie. Don't forget the legs!


Lori E said...

I make the world's worst pie crust. I have tried every recipe and method and still it comes out lousy. Thank goodness for Costco's pumpkin pies.

TJ said...

What a neat idea. I'll have to remember this one.