Hall Bath Reveal

I found the neatest way to store extra toilet tissue and kleenex in this walmart item. I had been searching the net for a lovely storage cabinet and who wouldda thunk?

I treasure these vintage drapes with the black grosgrain ribbon and fringe. I also replaced the uninteresting door stop with this screw-in topper.

I love polka-dot ribbon and included some on top of the drapery. I painted the nautical star on the ceiling and am undecided on adding a quote around it, or Directional Letters (NSEW)

I originally tiled the shower with earth-colored broken tiles, but later decided on a crisp white. No problem - a coat of sealant and then 2 coats of glossy white paint did the trick!

This is where my wall mounted paper towel holder will go when I get one. See post below about that. For now, this will do. I also love the ceramic switch plate - you can feel the difference when you turn on and off the lights....it's a tactile thing and one of the little pleasures.


Maya said...

The storage tower fits perfectly into that corner. Cool find (in an unexpected place).

Bits and Pieces said...

Great looking bathroom. I really love the show curtain!

Tracy said...

Hi! Your bath re-do looks fabulous. I love the wallpaper and the molding is GREAT. Your vanity looks just how I pictured mine (painted black!) I think I am going to go ahead and do it. Take care!

Amy said...

Very nice. I'm feeling the need to get motivated and starting some projects.