Brickettes on Craigslist

Yes, I know that the 70's look of fake brick can be dreadful, but if one is careful of the design it can looks rustic or "up-to-the-minute" loft-like. These are my favorite because I don't have to worry about the weight of the bricks. And they're also hard to find - usually when someone cleans out their basement or garage. Then they advertise on Craigslist and I swoop down to snap them up! 9+ boxes for only $25 - that's a good deal!

My plan is to use them on a wall when we enclose the patio to bring a cozy feel to the space. The trick is to not use them whole - break them up like they were tumbled and used brick. Then use lots of off-white paint smeared across them to create a "grouty" old-world, look. You'll be seeing me use these later this year. Stay tuned....
If you want to see how I've used them in the kitchen, click here:Bricked Pantry

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