I am another "One World, One Heart" winner!!

Woohoo! Am I lucky or what?!

Anita, from Vie Chaotique had a giveaway for the One World, One Heart giveaway blogging event and I'm the very lucky winner of her handmade pendant.

On her blog she writes: "Let's talk about my winner. Using a very scientific method, which involved my yelling across the house to my darling hubby "pick a number between 1 and 273." To which he answered "What?" and "What For? After some further interrogation he chose a number.

"57". I am thrilled because after reading her blog I found her to be a Craigslist afficianado and a girl after my own heart. The lovely and talented Shirl of "Life on an Artistic Shoestring" will soon find herself the owner of an Eiffel Tower Pendant from little ole moi."

Thank you so much, Anita! If you haven't seen her wonderful jewelry pieces, you're missing out and I suggest you go visit her blog. Bonjour for now!

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