Some inspiration pics

I collect inspiration photos from the web, but unfortunately, didn't save where they came, so I can't give credit at this time. But enjoy what makes me happy:

I love the color of the cabinets here. The dark pulls look great and this overall looks comfy and cozy and has the feel of hearty soup cooking on that magnificent stove. And who doesn't want a chandelier in their kitchen. If my kitchen was this big, I bet I would have one too, instead of a stupid ol ceiling fan!

This pic I saved because I like the glass doors above the window.

More glass front cabinets. And a nice farmhouse sink.

Isn't this neat? 2 chairs made into a bench. I don't like ruffles, but I love pleats, like this. And did you notice that the mirror frame repeats the pleats? The copper backs are cute! Not so much loving the lime green color.

And look at this great way to add some a creative touch? Nice because the artist kept the design simple. The bowl on top coordinates nicely.

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trishiekoh said...

Luuuurve the chair/bench