Just one of my "very cool" Christmas presents....

I am loving my new cooler! This was passed to me from my mom, who had a little store on her farm that sold beer, soda and snacks, plus thrift items. This was the cooler that contained soda and candy bars. When the shop closed this year, mom started to remove all the items and asked if we girls wanted any of the coolers. "Heck yeah!" said I. This is a 6'2" Frigidaire Commercial cooler with stainless steel and on wheels. Thank you, mom!!! (That white square on the wall is where we had to remove an upper cabinet to make it fit into this recessed area by the food pantry.)


The Decorated House said...

One of coolest Christmas gifts ever!
I love the looks of this type of cooler. They can make food display beautiful!
Merry Christmas~

Lori E said...

Oh I have cooler envy. Excellent gift. I sure could have used it here this week.
Between Christmas food and Boxing Day party I filled two fridges and also had a table set up outside on the patio where the temperature was icy cold to store the drinks and some of the food.
What a lucky thing to have to complain about eh?