My house dusty??? Most likely.

Dust Bunnies don't bother me and I have scientific proof. A while back I went to the allergist to do the whole schmear of allergy tests. And like most people, the results showed that I'm mildly sensitive to most of the categories on the list. EXCEPT...... get this .... dust mites! Hee-hee. So we can co-exist and live in perfect harmony. I just think that's so funny. Must have built up a tolerance over the years???
Oh, and the dust bunny pic is not mine...that beauty came from flickr.


TJ said...

Oh how funny - I thought everyone was allergic to dust mites.

Lori E said...

Oh please, you call that a dust bunny.
My dust bunnies are actually dust dogs because of all the dog hair piled up in them. I swear (I do actually, a lot, sorry) I don't know how our black lab isn't completely bald there is so much hair on the floors mixed in with the dust.

Kelly B said...

Dust bunnies are my specialty. I n fact, when my kids asked for a pet... I pulled one out from under their bed and told them to name it. The shocked look on their face was the best!! Still, they haven't asked me for another pet in some time... I guess it worked!! "0)