Antique Secretary

This is the last item that I need to add to my home and I found it on my dear, sweet Craigslist. I love the clawfeet and the serpentine drawers. I believe it's a Chippendale design. I did buy another writing desk a month ago, but hubby took that over and I have just the space for this under a painting in the dining room.

Any clutter will be hidden under the drop-down shelf - the beauty of form and function. The seller is looking for the key, which I hope he finds because I want to add a little tassel to it and keep it in the keyhole.


TJ said...

You find the neatest pieces. Can't wait to see it.

Maya said...

The good old secretaries..., and aren't they so practical too. My father still has the one that I remember from childhood. Lovely.

Lori E said...

Wow this is a beautiful piece. Completely different than my country style but so beautiful. It makes me want to hand write a letter on some lovely paper.