Got a Craigslist freebie!

Can you believe that someone threw this away? It was listed as "Free" on Craigslist and I was the lucky one to get to it the fastest. The poster just gave the address and said it was out by the curb. I really didn't think it would be there because it took me 1/2 hour to get ready and drive there. Lucky!! I wrote and thanked the lady for it and she replied that she was glad someone could use it as she was getting rid of everything that was in her and her ex's household. LOL! Throw out the ex - but not the good stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

I get first dibs on the hand-me-down if you get tired of it. It's beautiful. ~J

Joanne Kennedy said...

Now that is a great free item! Lucky you. I always see things listed as being outside but I never go as I always think it will be gone by the time I get there. Maybe everyone thinks that and I'm missing out!