Senior Discounts, here I come!!

I'll be turning 55 next March and so naturally, I'm looking forward to being "senior discount qualified." I've been doing some checking around, and here in the midwest, I've come across some sweet deals on the website, Senior Discounts:

Receive a 10%-20% discount varying by store. Discount may be valid only on certain days of the week.

Popeye's locations provide a 10% discount or free senior drink with food purchase to people 55 and older. Some locations are franchised so age requirement, discount and participation may vary by location.

Applebee's locations provide a 10%, but may ask that you apply for the Applebee's Golden Apple Card. Note: I called my local Applebees and the age minimum is 55! Whoo-hoo!

Kohl's Department Stores shoppers 62 and older receive 10%-15% off on select days at participating Kohl's locations. To locate the specific days and discounts available, check your local paper for the Kohl's advertisement or ask a Kohl's associate.

Taco bell Many locations nationwide provide either a free drink or senior drink with the purchase of a meal, or 10% off the order. Participation, age requirement and discount amount vary by location. Note: I called the nearest Taco Bell and they told me that Seniors get 15% off, or a free soda, age requirement is about 60 - and they don't ask for a I.D. All you have to do is ask and they will give it. Cool, huh?

Shoe Carnival gives a 10% discount to shoppers 55 and older every Tuesday, its Senior Discount Day.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) some locations provide a 10% discount on all orders. Many locations provide either a free drink with the purchase of a meal, or 10% off all orders. Age requirement is usually 55 years of age and older. Participation, age requirement and discount amount may vary by location.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Well...Go figure...I would have never known about those!!

Early Happy B-Day wishes to ya!

Maya said...

Wow. One can receive senior discount at (the young) age of 55! I'm turning 48 next March, so I'm only seven years behind...

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