DH brings home the hunt

Yeah, other hubbys may bring home the ferocious beast for the spit outside the family cave - anyone can do that - but my DH bagged a big 'un, sturdily tied it down to the top of his little zoom mobile, (lest it get away) and brought the trophy home. Yes, I'm so proud - it's a brand new, 96 gallon trash tote. On the bright side, I guess, it's more practical than, say, a dozen roses that doesn't last very long at all. And I'm such a practical gal that I'm tickled pink to have one more trash tote! We've gone green and we fill up more than one of these suckers a week! 2/3 of our trash, we've discovered, is recyclable. It's all packaging material. Now we look for the little chasing arrow triangle on everything we bring into the house. You'd be surprised at what can now be recycled nowadays. I'm glad we're recycling....but the best thing would really be if we all could reduce usage of the stuff in the first place.

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